HOLIDAY LIGHTS - Let us help you Shine!

Residential Installations
Whether you have a small home or a large home, Holiday Lights will put in the same effort to make your Christmas Light installation look amazing..  What's exceptional about what we offer is, you no longer have to worry about climbing that ladder, replacing the broken wire our light bulb you can't seem to find, or how to store that mess of lights when the Holiday season is over.  Our service is to provide you with a stress free Christmas light installation and display that you can be proud of.  No matter how elaborate or how simple you design choice may be, we will make sure that you are pleased with the result..  Have your own lights and just need help getting them up?  We can do that too.  Let us work with you on getting your christmas lights up without the hassle this year. 

christmas lights nHow does it work you ask??
Quite simple really!  Once you contact us and arrange a consult, one of our design and installation specialists will come to your home or commercial site and discuss with you what it is you are looking for in a Christmas light installation..  If you already know what it is you are looking for, great! We can discuss prices and options for you based on your request.  However, if you need a little help with a design idea, we are more than happy to help you with some suggestions.  
Together, once we have developed an ideal Christmas Light display for your home, Holiday Lights provides you with the following:
  • LIGHTS- fixtures, hardware and accesories to complete the design
  • MAINTENANCE FREE SERVICE PLAN-  You will need to do nothing more than make a call in the event there is ever any issue at no charge to you.   
  • REMOVAL OF LIGHTS.-  This is included in your quoted price
  • FREE STORAGE- As an added benefit, we store your lights for you! 
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